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About Broadmoor

The Broadmoor Residents' Association, Inc. is a Louisiana non-profit corporation and our objectives are to unite Broadmoor subdivision residents for the betterment of the area and to promote its general welfare and prosperity. Membership in the Association is completely voluntary and dues payable at any time during the year for the calendar year beginning in January. We rely entirely upon dues paying members, donations and fund raising activities to support our programs.

The association is the second such group in this subdivision and took over from the first group and changed the name in January 1965 as Broadmoor continued to expand with new filings towards Sharp Road. The first property owner's group was the Broadmoor Citizens' Association, organized in 1951 by John Wooldridge and other community leaders. Wooldridge, pictured to the left, was an advertising executive at WJBO and active in civic affairs in the community. According to his wife Peggy, John consulted with the first property owners' group in the city (Goodwood subdivision) and modeled the new group after their's. John and Peggy were among the first residents of Broadmoor when they moved to East Riveroaks. Peggy still resides in that lovely home where she and John raised two daughters. Her son-in-law, Doug Olsen, is a member of our board and takes pride in carrying on the family tradition of community service!

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