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Broadmoor Christmas Light Tree

Make Your Own!


Let’s light up the yards of Broadmoor. 30+ years ago many folks did this, but then over the years fewer and fewer put out their ‘light tree’. Years ago Broadmoor was one of the neighborhoods folks came to visit in December just to see all of the beautiful ‘Light Trees’. This was apparently started by 3 families (The Pokornys, the Purdins and the Dykes). Let’s bring this back to Broadmoor.

Click here to download a printable instructions page.

Free standing Christmas Light Tree

  1. Use 3-4 strands of lights (100 bulb type) should be sufficient.

  2. Use a pole (wood or PVC pipe) 8’-10’ in length.

  3. Bury end of pole in dirt so it does not move around.

  4. String the lights up and over the top of the pole, and then stake the ends out in a circle. The circle should be about 6’-8’ in diameter.

  5. Tie off the lights at the top of the pole to keep them stationary.

  6. Using electrical tape, tape every electric plug/socket connection to keep it water proof.

  7. Do not permit any electrical connections to lie on the ground.

  8. Tape the lights to the stakes as needed.

  9. Suggest taking the extension cord / light string connection and (a) taping it, and (b) place the connection in an old milk jug or can to keep any rain away from the connection.

Christmas Light Tree - Suspended from a tree branch

  1. At the peak, tie the lights together, and then loop the rope/twine over a tree branch. Tie the rope off on the tree trunk.

  2. Follow same taping ideas as previous.

  3. Stake the bottom of the light strings to the ground in a circle.

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