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Being a Good Neighbor

Broadmoor has an active, vibrant neighborhood community. Our neighborhood is a mixture of diverse people, businesses, and residences. This mixture makes our neighborhood unique a richer community.

Get To Know Your Neighbors
Getting to know your neighbors and becoming part of your neighborhood community can be a rewarding experience for you and your neighbors. Introduce yourself to your neighbors through a note or visit to their home. If you are uncomfortable approaching your neighbors then simply saying hello or greeting them with a wave can be a good way to begin building neighborly connections.

Be Courteous & Respectful
Consider the differences in lifestyles between yourself and your neighbors, such as family situations (small children, teenagers, retired, elderly, professionals, students), different work and sleep schedules, and whether they are comfortable with pets or not.


Be courteous - keep the noise to an acceptable level. Complaints about excessive noise can come from loud music, outdoor activities, and guests coming or going to your home during late night or early morning hours.



Parking is restricted - remember the limits when entertaining guests in your home. Parking in yards, on side-walks, and other posted areas is restricted. Make sure you and your guests are aware of available parking in the vicinity of your home before inviting a group to your home.



Be a responsible pet owner. Microchip and register your pets, ensure appropriate vaccinations are maintained, prevent excessive pet-related noise, restrain pets in an appropriate manner, and remove pet waste.

Communication Is Key
Talking to your neighbors can go a long way in building neighborhood relationships. Ask questions if you aren’t sure when you are scheduled for trash collection or ask about recycling, yard maintenance, and more. If you’re planning to have guests, ask about parking or noise that may be intrusive. Opening the line of communication can prevent minor concerns or issues from turning into major conflicts between neighbors.

Be Willing To Give a Helping Hand
If you notice your neighbor’s yard has litter thrown about, ask if they need help picking it up. If it's your litter - pick it up. If your elderly neighbor can’t rake the leaves in their yard or clear the ice from their porch or sidewalk, help them out.

Follow City Ordinances & Neighborhood Covenants
Making sure you adhere to city ordinances is crucial to good neighborhood relations. Also be sure to follow our Residents' Association's property owner covenants, as well.

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